Thanks to a vast range of natural adventure grounds, the Ötztal - as a real outdoor recreation hub - offers the ultimate thrill! Experience myriad adrenalin boosting adventures and unrivaled highlights on countless climbing routes, truly unique mountain bike trails, superb paragliding areas, giant waterfalls and Central Europe's most popular white water brook, the Ötztaler Ache. Exciting challenges and absolute adrenalin rushes with a fun factor that increases proportionally to the adrenalin level! Tirol's longest side valley, covering more than 900 km², boasts a superlative adventure playground - ensuring the best prerequisites for real adventures. Here everyone will find the right kick, be it those in search of risk and fun, leisure-seeking outdoor fans, family adventurers or professional athletes!


If you want to ride all cycles tours in Ötztal, you should plan enough time - a very fun-packed time indeed! The Ötztal Cacle Trail covers 52 kilometers and is therefore easily manageable. We recommend, however, to break it down into short stages so that you can take a visit to the countless sights along the route. And all (e)bikers yearning for mountain lakes, Alpine huts and peak conquests can take full advantage of our signposted route network covering more than 850 km ...

With your Oetztal premiumCard is a rental standard bike one included.
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Scenic Ötztal is the number 1 cycling destination in the Alps. Nature is surrounding us, we have passion for two wheels and are happy about everyone who shares this enthusiasm with us.

Be it Alpine pass or mountain peak, idyllic valley floor or dreamlike trail: We raise the Ötztal flag in order to promise an unforgettable cycling experience on two wheels. Our tours are perfectly signposted, all routes are well maintained. We very much look forward to all ambitious road cyclists or leisurely touring cyclists, to freeriders, trekking bikers, e-bikers and families.- more precisely, we simply look forward to everyone who shares our passion for cycling.


In close touch with the Ötztal mountains: secured on a wire rope, Ötztal’s 8 via ferratas take you (steeply) uphill. Stepladders cut into in the rock show you the way to the top, quite a few key sections require strength, skill and courage. You will cross rope bridges, climb along waterfalls and conquer steel ladders. Beginner-friendly and well secured trails are also suitable for children, introducing them to climbing sports safely and in a playful way – for example along the Stuibenfall via ferrata, Tirol's biggest waterfall. Real experts and connoisseurs enjoy spectacular opportunities on Burgsteinwand rock wall in Längenfeld or in the rear Ötztal.