Rafting, Canyoning and other Outdoor-Activities

lots of water amusements in the Waterpark in the Ötztal

At the ultimate adventure park in the Tyrol you will experience action and adrenaline kicks in an unprecendented way. The spectacular venue for your holiday in the Tyrol owes its name to the 47th paralles - and face it: You have to visit the park at least 47 times in order to have experiended all the attractions that dhe AREA 47 and the Ötztal valley have to offer!

Rafting im Ötztal

White waters in all its exciting facets can be experienced in the cours of a wonderful rafting tour on the rivers Ötztaler Ache or in the impressive Imster Schlucht gorge - one of Europe's most frequented rafting areas. Get in close touch with the wet element while wearing a Neoprene suit, special shoes, a helmet and a life vest.

The boat is guided by an experienced and certified white water instructor. Ultimate rafting action is guaranteed on fantstic waves, rapids and riffles. Special white water pirate tours for children over 4 years are organized as well. Rafting in the Ötztal - A truly unforgettable adventure!


Canyoning is one of the most exciting summer water sports in the Ötztal. It involves climbing steeply-angeld clefts set in a steep-sided valley, finding a way down to a rocky river bed and making your way back down to the yalley by way of river - sometimes scrambling throuhg rapids, being swept along natural rock chutes and abseiling down waterfalls.

You are with guides who know the river and waterfalls like the backs of their hands and choose the route according to the group's abilities and preferendes. Jumps from heights up to 16 meters wait you on the secured routes. This blend of water and rocks, climbing and hiking, jumping and swimming is a truly unique challenge for all senses.


In what is probably the most exciting high ropes course in Austria you get to enjoy that super feeling which sets in when you conquer your limits! At a dizzying 27 metres up you proceed below the bridge which goes across the Ötztaler Ache. On swinging tree trunks, swaying platforms and across airy nets. On foot or even on a skateboard. Beneath you is the rushing wild water and the mountains are all around. Concentration and body tension are the order of the day here. Give it a go!

Flying Fox

The two most exciting aerial adventures in AREA 47, Flying Fox and Mega Swing, can be booked individually or in combination. Whatever you decide, an ultimate adrenalin kick is guaranteed! The Flying Fox is a 400 metre zip line, which runs across the 20,000 square metre WATER AREA. No problem if the 27 metre high starting point make your legs turn to jelly. One step is all it takes – and you can then enjoy pure thrills and the loveliest birds’ eye views.